Our service offers a number of significant factors that make us an excellent choice as your next medical transcription provider. Quality, price within your budget, and deliverability have made us one of the leading transcription services in the US for discerning medical professionals.

We believe accuracy and attention to every detail are the most important factors in determining to whom you will entrust your medical transcription work. Variation in speech patterns, various English accents and dialects, as well as continuous development in the lexicon of medicine and technology requires the specialized expertise we have to assure transcription accuracy.

Of course, price is another major consideration. We have documented proof that every medical practice that has switched to SHUBADA SOFT SOLUTIONS will save from 20% to 50% of their previous annualized bill (compared with the same volume).

Due to the intense competition amongst medical transcription outsourcing companies offering their services, the buyer gets the benefit. It’s essentially a buyer’s market out there.

Clients or the doctors are benefited in two ways.

One is The Doctor get the reports in the first hour of the next day. They don’t have to wait till the end of the day to get the reports done.

The second is no need to recruit separate employee to do the Transcription by paying extra amount. Each Doctor may need one transcriber. So you may have to recruit more and more people for the work. The hospital might be spending lot of money for this process.
By outsourcing the work the hospital can cut short the expenses and can save lot of money.






8 to 10 cents per line for Medical Transcription
$20 TO $25 TO each Sleep Study.  
12 hour, “following morning” turnaround
99%+ accuracy guaranteed
Digital recording