A. How Do I Submit and Retrieve My Dictations?

We offer our clients 3 methods for submitting and retrieving dictation files:
1. A Free and Secure FTP location is provided to our clients for the sending and retrieval of files
2. Submission and Retrieval can also be conducted through e-mail
3. Clients are given access to our VPN server by giving them email/password, which then can used to retrieve and send files to this location.

B. What should be the format of dictation and in what formal will I Receive My Transcripts?
We can work with any dictation formats. Also, clients can receive their transcription in any format that they wish. Transcriptions can also be offered in multiple formats.

C. Is there a minimum volume of dictation that your require?
No, we do not require a minimum volume of dictation.

D. Do we need to purchase a particular computer program or hardware to use medical transcription services and Manual Scoring (PSG)?
A digital voice recorder (Dicta Phone) is the only hardware or appliance that is needed herein. It is need to record the dictations. And needed Cute Ftp software for sending and receiving the Transcriptions. We recommend our clients buy Olympus or Sony recorders as the necessary hardware, software, and operations manuals accompany these.

For Manual Scoring (PSG) need to have Cute Ftp to transfer the files and we have necessary software to do manual scoring. If any special software apart from Rembrandt software can be recommended by the Sleep centres. AT the same time they need to buy the required software.

 E. Can I add more locations/doctors/volumes to our existing process and how do I do it?
Yes, as a client you can definitely add new locations /doctors to an existing process. A prior intimation of the adding of more volume, new doctors or new locations is necessary in this regard. The delivery of the transcriptions would be dependant on the extra volume of work that would be coming in.

F. Is there a contract that a client is required to sign; if yes, could you please send in a copy of the contract for me to review?
We sign a contract with the client only after a successful trial. EssEn soft solutions will send you the requisite documents after the trails is successful and we are ready to begin.

G. How is the HIPAA privacy for multiple sites ensured?
Privacy, HIPAA and otherwise is ensured by following all the guidelines stated in the HIPAA policy.

H. Can you use templates or formats according to the client’s specifications?
We have proven experience of catering to all the demands and requirements of our clients in this regard.

I. In EssEn soft solutions Transcription Billing terms, what constitutes a line?

We count a 65-character line where a character is defined as any letter, number or symbol necessary for the final appearance and content of a document, including the space bar. To fully understand this, take a transcribed document and open it in Word 97 or greater. Go to Tools, select Word Count and note the value shown next to “Characters (with spaces)” and divide this by 65.

How do I sign up for Your Services?

To sign up, please email us at reddynk@essensoftsolutions.com or call

Ph: 917-288-2003

Sushmitha Karnati

8 to 10 cents per line for Medical Transcription
$20 TO $25 TO each Sleep Study.  
12 hour, “following morning” turnaround
99%+ accuracy guaranteed
Digital recording